Professor Kirk Spencer drops by to talk about his most recent article on the Criswell blog. Prepare yourself for a mind-boggling discussion about Tertullian, Alice, time, space and the Trinity.

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John 6 and Irresistible Grace: Part 2

On the eve of his debate with Mark Dever, Barry heads back into John 6 to talk about free-will.

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Thank God for U.S. Veterans

Dr. Joe Wooddell joins Barry Creamer to talk about Veteran’s Day, the military, and peace.

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John 6 and Irresistible Grace

Barry is thrilled about his upcoming debate with Mark Dever at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, and that excitement spills over into today’s show. To register and get tickets go to sbtexas.com.

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Political Science Requires More Than Science

Dr. Joe Wooddell, Professor of Philosophy, calls in to chat with Barry about his latest aticle on the Criswell blog.

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Professional Counseling: Is it worth it?

Barry talks with psychiatrist Dr. David Henderson about why Christianity affects every profession, including counseling and psychiatry.

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Evidence for the Resurrection

Barry Creamer gives us a brief overview of the topic he discussed at the Confident Christianity Conference over the weekend.

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Theology and Culture: Theology in Cultural Context

Barry works through a post written by Dr. Bruce Ashford that gets us thinking about how we can best share the gospel within our own contexts.

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Real-generate Church Membership

Barry Creamer and Pastor Jeff Campbell discuss an article posted by Dr. Everett Berry, that addresses the idea of church membership and its affect on the life of the church.

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On Hallow’s Eve

Who else could weave together a pizza parlor, Plato and Halloween like our Professor Spencer? No one. Barry and Pastor Jeff Campbell discuss the article and more, on today’s show.

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